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The blog is back, baby!

Nope, you’re not hallucinating… after 3 years of silence (and 2 years completely offline), I am BACK!

Things got really crazy in my life over the past few years, and I had to let this blog fall by the wayside. I was juggling a full-time job, lots of freelance work on the side, all while planning a wedding and immigrating to another country. Priorities, am I right?

It only took 3 years, but things have finally settled down and I can spend some time catching you all up on my hair-ventures!

Lots has been happening in my life (as you can probably tell) and I honestly haven’t had that much time to worry about my hair. I am now completely self-employed and running a number of business ventures (including my Etsy shop over at www.bellflowercreative.com), I got married, moved from the U.S. to Canada, and things have just been crazy. When I first started wearing hair, I was constantly ordering and trying new things, but when life got crazy, I settled in with the pieces that worked for me and stopped experimenting as much. With that being said, I still have 3 years’ worth of pieces to catch you up on!

Here are some of the reviews of pieces I’ve tried that I will be slowly writing up and posting here:

  • Milano ponytail wig
  • Milano band fall
  • Follea wig
  • Highline Wigs / Toppers by Sharon
  • Jon Renau Top Secret in 12″ and 18″
  • Jon Renau Top Wave in 18″
  • Madelyn by Amore
  • Noriko Milan

I apologize to everyone who missed my blog while it was gone and I can’t wait to start getting some new content up for you!







  1. Welcome Back!!! So glad you will be posting again. I wondered what happened to you and assumed you were busy being a bride. Thanks for sharing with all us “faux hair gals”. Can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to.

  2. Yay! Here’s a vote for doing highline next.

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