So last week I discovered a beautiful purple wig, Mackenzie by Freetress Equal, and was quickly dismayed when I learned it was sold out everywhere! The good news is that I managed to order one and it’s coming tomorrow (Tuesday), but in order to quench my desire for a fun colored wig in the meantime, I ordered another wig in a turquoise color – the Suzie wig by Freetress. For $35 a pop, could I really go wrong?

Now, as I mentioned in the video review above, I hadn’t tweezed the part yet when I filmed the video, and that makes a HUGE difference in terms of the realism. Here’s a photo after I tweezed the part and added concealer. I don’t think it would fool anyone up close, but for $35, I really don’t expect it to.

For some reason, the wig looks really blue in the video, but it’s definitely more of a mint/teal/turquoise color. Here’s a few photos that show the true color!

Let me know what you guys think – I’m definitely still getting used to the crazy color and will probably only wear it when I’m feeling funky! You can buy this wig here.