Throughout my journey with hair loss, I have made friends with lots of other women who wear wigs, too. This networking is a great way to score some older, used wigs from friends for cheap! One of my friends sent me the Orchid by Estetica. I am not 100% sure on the color, but it’s a medium brown with reddish highlights. As it was already a few years old, and synthetic wigs really only have a solid 6-month shelf life (if worn every day), I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Here is the wig when I first got it. The upper portion was still in (surprisingly) really good shape, while the longer layers on the bottom had gotten pretty tangled and ratty after a few years of wear. This look was a little too 2004 “emo hair” for me!

In my mind’s eye, I could envision this wig actually being cute as a long bob (“lob” as they’re called these days) so I decided to chop off the longer layers at the bottom. Note that I have absolutely no experience cutting hair whatsoever, so this was a leap of faith, but it actually turned out really well!

Cutting off the bottom layers really brought the whole wig to life. I’m sure it looks great with the longer layers when new, but losing them was exactly what the wig needed to look good as new!

Another thing I love about this wig is that unlike some synthetics, it is not shiny or unrealistic looking at all.

You can buy the Estetica Orchid from most major wig retailers, or on Amazon here!