Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been AWOL for a bit. I’ve been dealing with some other medical issues that leave me very sleepy most of the time… too sleepy to blog! I have a bunch of wig reviews backlogged that I’d like to post, as well as some other thoughts and musings, so there may be an influx of posts over the next few days.

My most recent wig purchase is Julianne by Jon Renau. I’ve been eyeballing this wig ever since she was released as part of the Spring 2014 collection, but she is the most expensive synthetic Jon Renau has ever released! She is all hand-tied, so that’s one reason why so pricey, but at $427… gosh. Anyway, I was innocently browsing eBay a couple of weeks ago when I stumbled across a Julianne in color 6F27 that had only been worn once. It had just been listed at $200. It was around this time that what I like to call my “inner wig demon” took over my body and possessed my hand, which clicked the “Buy it Now” button without much of a second thought from me. Sometimes I just can’t pass up a deal.

Anyway, after a mishap with the post office which almost resulted in poor Julianne being shipped back to her original sender, I rescued her and tried her. Honestly, I really like her a lot. She is way less poofy on top than Jon Renau’s similar, longer wig, Heidi, and the short, lightweight style is perfect for summer.

Some perks: As I mentioned, she’s incredibly lightweight and comfortable (although the lace front gets a little bit itchy after wearing for a full day, it’s not noticeable immediately.) The lace front is far more realistic than other Jon Renau lace fronts I’ve seen, and it’s the first lace front wig I’ve owned where I feel comfortable pinning the bangs back and it actually looks cute – that’s actually the way I prefer to wear this wig. The curl pattern is gorgeous and, because it’s synthetic, it’ll look that way forever!

Now for the cons: It’s an angled cut – a bit longer in the front than it is in the back – and that isn’t a favorite style of mine, although the curls are pretty enough for me to overlook it. The color is a little bit streaky for me. The highlights are very chunky, and a pet peeve of mine is that the highlights “match up” on either side of the part. Most problematic, though, was that the part was very undefined.  The “matchy” highlights really accentuated the lack of a visible part.

To remedy that, I’m now using an eyebrow pencil to root the streaky highlights along the part and dabbing a white eyeshadow powder in the part to make it much more visibly defined. I think it helps a lot!

Overall, after going back and forth a bit, I really do think I like her and will keep her… at least until I get tired of her!