Purchasing a wig for the first time is seriously overwhelming. Looking back, trying a synthetic wig first would have been a low-investment way for me to figure out what I liked, but based on what I had read online, I figured I would be the most comfortable in human hair and decided to make my first wig purchase a human hair wig. Because they are so much more expensive than synthetic, it’s very nerve-wracking trying to decide on one to purchase, since it’s such a huge investment. Depending on your budget, it can be difficult to even find one that’s close to affordable.

After searching online for months and still coming up empty handed for human hair options that I could afford (and would be returnable if I tried and didn’t like), I stumbled across a hidden gem: Lena’s Sheitels on Consignment. Before I launch into explaining Lena’s business model, I should take a moment to explain exactly what a sheitel is, for those of you who are like me and never had any prior experience living around a Jewish community.

Here’s the definition from Wikipedia:

Sheitel is the Yiddish word for a wig worn by some Orthodox Jewish married women in order to conform with the requirement of Jewish Law to cover their hair. This practice is part of the modesty-related dress standard called tzniut.

When I learned about this, I was absolutely amazed! Because sheitels are usually constructed well, quite realistic-looking, and made with high-quality hair, It opened up a whole new market for me to check out in my search for a human hair wig. This is what led me to discover Lena’s shop. Apparently, it is rare for a Jewish bride to really adore her first sheitel. Often, she does not feel comfortable in it and it ends up sitting in her closet after she finds a sheitel she likes better. Lena undoubtedly recognized a business opportunity there and opened her shop, offering women the option to sell their barely-used sheitels on consignment. I think it’s pretty genius!

The big perk for me here was that I was struggling to find a human hair option that was affordable for me, and shopping with Lena allowed me to snag an awesome pre-owned wig for much, much cheaper than its original price. I shudder to think what the original owner paid for it (as women regularly shell out $2000+ for sheitels), but I ended up with a gorgeous 22″ inch wig for only $850 and a no-hassle return policy if I received it and didn’t like it. Lena was incredibly helpful throughout the process of picking out my wig.

Well, miracle of miracles, the wig fit me perfectly and the color was beautiful. It’s very dense and thick, stick-straight Asian hair that is beautiful and silky when taken care of properly, the scalp is incredibly realistic, and the color is 10/16 (a light ash brown base with light blonde highlights that I absolutely adore!) My favorite thing about this wig is that it air-dries completely straight with zero frizz. It’s incredible. Even though I have expanded my wig collection greatly since purchasing it, this one is still my everyday “go-to” and the wig I feel most like myself in.

These photos are from shortly after I got the wig. It had long layers with no bangs, and because I have never not had bangs, I did not feel comfortable in the wig at first (not to mention it was my first wig, and getting comfortable is a challenge to begin with!) I was completely terrified that if I had bangs cut into it, it would be butchered, but eventually I sucked it up and had side bangs cut in – and I’m so glad I did! Now the wig really feels like “me” and I wear it so much more than I did at first!

Here are a few photos of how I wear the wig now, post-bangs. I just take a few minutes to curl the ends and it’s ready to go – this wig requires the least amount of styling out of all the wigs I own (even the synthetics!) I just plop it on my head, brush it, and go. (Please ignore my awkward derp face in the first photo.)

Needless to say, I can’t recommend Lena’s shop enough if you are looking for a human hair wig at a great price! I must make the disclaimer that she sells wigs from all sorts of manufacturers, as they are sold on consignment, so the fact that my wig was awesome does not mean that your wig will be an exact match to mine in quality. However, I know Lena is picky about what she chooses to sell, so that combined with the ability to return the wig if you do not like it pretty much eliminates the risk in trying out something from her store.

Lena keeps her current inventory up-to-date on her Facebook page, which you can view here.