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The blog is back, baby!

Nope, you’re not hallucinating… after 3 years of silence (and 2 years completely offline), I am BACK!

Things got really crazy in my life over the past few years, and I had to let this blog fall by the wayside. I was juggling a full-time job, lots of freelance work on the side, all while planning a wedding and immigrating to another country. Priorities, am I right?

It only took 3 years, but things have finally settled down and I can spend some time catching you all up on my hair-ventures!

Lots has been happening in my life (as you can probably tell) and I honestly haven’t had that much time to worry about my hair. I am now completely self-employed and running a number of business ventures (including my Etsy shop over at www.bellflowercreative.com), I got married, moved from the U.S. to Canada, and things have just been crazy. When I first started wearing hair, I was constantly ordering and trying new things, but when life got crazy, I settled in with the pieces that worked for me and stopped experimenting as much. With that being said, I still have 3 years’ worth of pieces to catch you up on!

Here are some of the reviews of pieces I’ve tried that I will be slowly writing up and posting here:

  • Milano ponytail wig
  • Milano band fall
  • Follea wig
  • Highline Wigs / Toppers by Sharon
  • Jon Renau Top Secret in 12″ and 18″
  • Jon Renau Top Wave in 18″
  • Madelyn by Amore
  • Noriko Milan

I apologize to everyone who missed my blog while it was gone and I can’t wait to start getting some new content up for you!






Mermaid Hair! Suzie by Freetress Equal Wig Review (Color: SOP-Emerald)

So last week I discovered a beautiful purple wig, Mackenzie by Freetress Equal, and was quickly dismayed when I learned it was sold out everywhere! The good news is that I managed to order one and it’s coming tomorrow (Tuesday), but in order to quench my desire for a fun colored wig in the meantime, I ordered another wig in a turquoise color – the Suzie wig by Freetress. For $35 a pop, could I really go wrong?

Now, as I mentioned in the video review above, I hadn’t tweezed the part yet when I filmed the video, and that makes a HUGE difference in terms of the realism. Here’s a photo after I tweezed the part and added concealer. I don’t think it would fool anyone up close, but for $35, I really don’t expect it to.

For some reason, the wig looks really blue in the video, but it’s definitely more of a mint/teal/turquoise color. Here’s a few photos that show the true color!

Let me know what you guys think – I’m definitely still getting used to the crazy color and will probably only wear it when I’m feeling funky! You can buy this wig here.

Fake Hair Updo: Wedding Hair with a Topper… It’s Possible!

This past weekend, we went to my boyfriend’s best friend’s wedding. I wanted to do something a lil’ fancy with my hair, but styling a wig or topper in an updo can sometimes be a challenge. I came up with this super quick and easy style that looks a lot more complicated than it actually is. I’m wearing my Noriko Milan here, which is a topper with a very large base, so while it can be worn up, the ponytail or bun has to be pretty low.

I created this look in a few simple steps:

1) With my hair down and the topper on as normal, I braided a small braid on both sides of my head, about 1/2 way down my hair- not a french braid (ain’t nobody got time for dat), just a normal braid. Then secured the end of each braid with a bobby pin so they wouldn’t unravel.

2) I then gathered both braids and the rest of my hair into a low ponytail and secured that with a hairband.

3) I twisted the ponytail into a bun and secured that with a few bobby pins.

4) Added a metal chain headband to add visual interest and give it a sort of Grecian vibe, pulled out a couple of wispy hairs on the side, and… voila! This look took less than 10 minutes.

If you have any other ideas for updo’s with fake hair, share in the comments below!

Human Hair or Synthetic: Which to Choose?!

Human hair wigs and toppers are luxurious, but synthetic pieces have their perks as well. Which type is right for you? The answer might be both! I outline the pros and cons of each type of hair in this video.

Video: Accepting Your Hair Loss & Coming To Terms With Alopecia, Being Bald, Wearing Wigs

I dose out some tough love in this video about coming to terms with your hair loss and living your best life. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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